The EEF representatives of EEF Oltenia from Liceul de Arte Târgu Jiu: Lidia Orvas, Raul Raut, Calin Cretu

”It was my first experience in an Erasmus project and I don’t regret at all that I decided to go on such a project. I met brilliant people from whom I had something to learn, I learned to express myself in another language and to I have the courage to stand in front of many people and say what I think. I chose to take this step to test my English because it was the first time I left the country and I thank EEF Erasmus + for giving me this chance.” Raul Raut

The people are amazing, and open minded 

The place is like a iconic !monument, and the food is really great ! It’s kind of pushing the tray! We go there at 1 pm, and the food is already ready, and hot!

The teachers are like students! And the weather is great!

It’s like home, but further away  Calin Cretu.

More: here

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